HI, I’m Ian.

Your Business + Life Strategist

Are you stuck? Not sure where to go? Feeling overwhelmed? You can’t seem to break constraints to get your business to the next level? In need of a break-through?

I am here to help you find & fuel your passion.

The Path To Success

Take the CVI assessment (free option).  The CVI is a revolutionary assessment that bypasses personality and behavior, revealing your unchanging motivational drivers and sense for how you are wired to contribute to the world around you.

Casting Vision

Everything great starts with vision. The more you clarify your vision, the better your life will be.

Building Teams & Better Relationships

Dont' just live in conflict. Get the tools and become a better leader.

Improve Productivity

Productivity is how to be a good steward of our most important resource, time. True wealth is more time.

Make Better Decisions

It's really less about the decision you make and more about the moment before you make the decision; discernment period.

What Is Business  Coaching?

Maybe your sales are plummeting?  Or the team you put together is not as efficient as you envisioned? Maybe you are a solo entrepreneur and are feeling isolated?  

What are the solutions you tried?  I’ll just work even longer hours! Create yet another platform! Send out more newsletters!  

What we don’t often do is take time to re-strategize, re-prioritize, and get to the root of the problem. Enter: the business coach to help you break those constraints. A business coach can look at your work, team, or company objectively—and suggest tools to be more efficient, productive, and successful.

Who Is Coaching For?

You are getting ready to launch your first business.  In order to turn that idea into a successful business, you need more than passion—you need practical, goal-oriented plans.

Is company morale is low or not where you think it could be? Business is about relationships and yet everyone is feeling just like another number.

If you’re a small business owner with sales that won’t budge, a budding entrepreneur who can’t get beyond the ideation phase, or an executive at a company who can’t grab more market share from your competitor no matter how many amazing new products you launch; a business coach can help get you moving forward.

What is The Process Like?

If you have scrolled down this far than most likely you are thinking a business and life strategist is what you need on your team.  That is if you want increased revenue, better relationships and more time to do what you most desire. Most coaching programs deal only with getting the right mindset.  This is a key component to all coaching programs (inlcuding mine), but often you are left with the high of achieving the right mindset, but now what? There is still work to be done, decisions to be made and often they are not so black and white.  This is where my coaching program excels in getting you the tools you need at the right time.

1. Assess Who You Are Right Now

It is important to establish a baseline of who you are right now in your current environment.  We discover your core values that will help direct your path. (Link to free CVI test)

2. Cast Vision

We take a 35,000 foot view of where you want to go and what you want your life to look like.  Contrary to popular belief, this does not have to be specific at the start and it is an area we revisit often as you clarify your core values.  Don’t get me wrong, but it helps if your vision is crystal clear, though it is not always something that can be done easily.

3. Set Measurements

What you measure is how you behave.  We work together to find the best areas to measure that match up with your vision and who you are.  I am sure you have heard that it is the small things you do consistently that really make a difference in your business or life.  Well those small things are habits. Habits are best gained or eliminated (if a bad habit) through measurement.

4. Identify Your Current Constraint

Too many times in life we drive ourselves nuts by just solving problems without dealing with the main problem.  We often (yes, I am completely guilty of this too) deal with symptoms rather than the constraint. When a true constraint is broken it usually automatically eliminates multiple symptoms.  This is momentum. Wouldn’t be great to have momentum in your business?

5. Continuous Improvement

We simply continually identify constraints and break them.  This is simple but not as easy as it sounds. Often during this stage we are forging new paths, creating at a break-neck speed or dealing with people.  And people are not predictable! This is where tools and training is essential in your growth as a leader in your life and business.

About Me

Ian is a business + life strategist who works with senior executives, entrepreneurs and high potential leaders to help them break constraints and reach their full potential.  In addition to executives, he works with Founder/CEOs and executive teams of start-ups to help them improve their leadership, scale the company, and support them in learning key leadership and communication skills.  His areas of expertise include: Executive Presence; Decision-making; Productivity; Team building; Leadership.

Prior to opening up his coaching practice, Ian was a Real Estate Entrepreneur with over 20 years experience as an Appraiser, Principal Real Estate Broker, Project Manager, Loan Originator and Fund Manager. Ian started his career as an Appraiser. He has founded US 50 Connect, which completed thousands of appraisals in Oregon, Washington and throughout the United States. Ian excels at property valuation and has personally analyzed thousands of properties during his career. He has brokered and originated over 250 million in real estate, most recently as a fund manager for Saltworth Capital. He graduated from George Fox University studying business and holds a Masters in Teaching. Ian is a student of executive leadership and holds certificates in Transformational Leadership and V2A Consulting.

Ian lives with his wife and their four children in Lake Oswego, OR.  You can often find him out on the playing fields watching or coaching sports.

“Working with Ian was a game changer for my life and business. He has a wealth of wisdom and delivered it in a way that made sense to me. It was a true gift.”

Angela C.

Life Coach


“Ian is a coach at heart, he has great experience and insight into how to make a business grow.  He has helped me identify some constraints and even interpersonal things that were getting in the way of not only business growth but also personal and spiritual growth.  He has been a great help and friend to me.”

Erik B.

Money Manager

“Ian’s coaching has helped me further identify my strengths and weaknesses while also pinpointing skill sets I need to find in other people in order to continue to grow. He has helped me accelerate my business by holding me accountable to staying focused on particular goals, objectives and as he would say, “constraints”. As an entrepreneur you have all types of people in your circle that you rely on (lawyers, accountants, investors, etc); adding Ian to my team lead to me doubling my revenue within one month of coaching.”

Emmitt S.

Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur

“Within 2 weeks I found a new company, and a new challenge and road in my career that I am very excited to be going down.  I believe Ian has a gift in helping people improve their business endeavors as well as their personal lives with his unique style of coaching.  I would recommend anyone who is willing and open minded that wants to take their business to the next level to chat with Ian, and take the CVI test, and really look at the results and how you can use that information to break through to another level!  Thanks Ian.”

Rick W.

Broker & Contractor