Hi, I'm Ian.

Business & Life Strategist

Helping you channel your full potential!

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

-Maya Angelou

My Story

The year is 1998. I am 22 years old and newly married.  My wife has a part time job and I have no job. Thankfully our rent was $425 per month for a two bedroom apartment in Portland, OR (can you believe that price?) and Jessica had a paid off Geo Metro.  I know what you are thinking, did you bring anything into this marriage? All I know, it is the best decision I’ve made in my life. (We will talk a lot about making great decisions in our coaching sessions.)

Over the next year, I set out to get my Masters in Teaching and my real estate appraisal license.  My thought was that I could do appraisals during the summer when I wasn’t teaching. What I didn’t realize is those decisions opened up a life of entrepreneurship, teaching and coaching.  

During the next 7 years, I grew my appraisal firm from just me to a large network of employees and contractors that covered 6 six states.  The work was challenging and rewarding as I was diving into new areas of growth. I was developing software for operations and building teams to better serve our clients. I was enjoying my work and my life for the most part.  Our family was growing with 3 kids. We appeared to have it all figured out, but I did have a little pain forming. I couldn’t seem to be present with my family because my thoughts were so focused on the next challenge. 

Why To Hire Ian

He will help you break your most immediate constraint and gain momentum.

You are probably good at solving problems, but somehow that is not leading to any break-throughs in your business.  Chances are you are dealing with symptoms and not the constraint that is causing the bottle-neck. This is often very hard to see on your own. Break a constraint and you get momentum and then you look for the next constraint. This is called continuous improvement.

He will help you change your behavior through measurement and accountability.

This really is key to the bottom line of your business.  If you want your revenue to increase than measure your behaviors. 

He will get you the tools you need to build better relationships.

Building great relationships in your business and personal life is very much about being intentional.  This becomes simple (not easy) with the right tools.

My Lesson

And then the market crashed in 2008.  I spent 2009 and 2010 reeling and flailing from the fallout of the crash.  I was tossing about with very little direction. I was replaying the last 3 years in my head and beating myself up for the mistakes I made.  How could I have done things differently?  

I realized my biggest mistake was that I had very few mentors and I had been isolated as I grew my business.  I started to listen more and was determined to change that aspect of my life. With that focus, I started to attract mentors.  In fact, I stopped into the office of one of my early mentors and he handed me a ticket to a seminar. “I think this is meant for you”, he said.

That leadership seminar turned into a few more seminars and then eventually into hiring my first coach.  Like many of you reading this now, I knew I needed more insight and accountability to make break-throughs in my life.  Over this time, I opened real estate brokerages, managed a private fund, wrote curriculum for a non-profit, was president of youth football program, coached several sports teams and started my business + life strategy coaching practice.  Oh, and we had kid number 4! And remember that little pain I mentioned earlier? I am more present than ever.    

 If you think it is the right time to seek out a coach to help with your business + life strategy I encourage you to sign up for a free consult with me today.