Starter Package


Are you stuck? Not sure where to go? Feeling overwhelmed? You can’t seem to break constraints to get your business to the next level? In need of a break-through?

I am here to help you find & fuel your passion.

The Starter Package includes the FULL VERSION of the CVI Assessment and a BREAKTHROUGH consultation call.


Maybe your sales are plummeting?  Or the team you put together is not as efficient as you envisioned? Maybe you are a solo entrepreneur and are feeling isolated?

What are the solutions you tried?  I’ll just work even longer hours! Create yet another platform! Send out more newsletters!

What we don’t often do is take time to re-strategize, re-prioritize, and get to the root of the problem. Enter: the business coach to help you break those constraints. A business coach can look at your work, team, or company objectively—and suggest tools to be more efficient, productive, and successful.